September 2018
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Why does a court order mediation?

Most, but not all, of Colorado domestic relations courts order the parties to attend mediation prior to trial.  This can seem frustrating, be perceived as adding to the overall cost of the action, and cause concern about further delay of the process.  However, mediation is very effective at bringing resolution….

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Questions to the Attorney – #3 – Health Insurance after divorce

The Attorney was asked: Hello – What is the difference between divorce and legal separation in regard to medical Insurance. Can the separated spouse remain a dependent on the others medical insurance. I have never found a satisfactory answer to this and don’t know if it’s a blanket yes or…

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Questions to the Attorney – #2 – Modifying Parenting Plans

Ms. Storey was asked “Do we have to go back to court to modify the parenting plan or can my ex and I do that on our own?” The answer:                If parents are able, post-decree, to agree upon modification terms of their Parenting Plan, they should be applauded.   It…

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Response to the News #1 – President Obama and Child Support

President Obama last week made the statement that “We should reform our child support laws to get more men working and engaged with their children.” Although he did not further elaborate, it is true that the system is not perfect.   Many states base the child support number on overnights spent…

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