A Fresh Start

By Brenda L. Storey, Esq.

As I sat down to write an inspirational message for the new year, with “a fresh start” seeming so applicable to divorce as well as this time of year, I found a poem on-line written by Seema Chowdhury.  It says it all, ever so eloquently.   So, I share it with you:

There is no suffering without happiness
No struggle without any peace
No defeat without joy of victory
And no loss without gain’s lease

No Autumn without sparkling Spring
No winter without splendid Summer
No coldness without a touch of warmth
And no bitterness without sweet hummer

There is no wrong without a right
No tears without a tender smile
No reality without an emerging dream
And no weakness without strength’s pile

So hang in there my dear friend
And never plan to ever quit
We all know at time life is difficult
And also harsh, bleak and a misfit

But remember that you have an option
To pick and color your life’s cart
And win this race of running time
By awakening Spring in your heart

And surround yourself completely
With inspiration, motivation and care
To fill life’s empty and hollow space
With countless and tender prayers

So you can learn life’s valuable lessons
Those can warm up your weaken heart
And help you to always choose happiness
That will give you a clean and a fresh start.

Wishing you all a happy new year, and a fresh start!

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