Cluttered House, Cluttered Heart, Cluttered Mind

By Emily Ploch

Whenever I am feeling stressed, I feel the need to clean, and clean NOW. Like really deep clean and organize everything. You may think that cleaning is just a distraction from whatever I am feeling stressed about, but a cluttered house and a cluttered mind have a direct correlation. I have always said that when there is chaos in the home, there is chaos in the family.

Our emotions and feelings have very physical manifestations. They manifest in our physical appearances. Stress and depression feed off each other and can create a spiraling effect. Clutter also makes us less productive – does “I’ll do it later” sound familiar? Sadness and negative thoughts can lead to clutter, and then clutter feeds anxiety, poor sleep and lack of focus. It is a vicious cycle.

Now put children in the picture. Those sweet, small humans that soak up everything you say and do. Those emotional little beings that don’t quite understand logic yet. Clutter in the house certainly affects children, restricting their ability to focus, learning negative habits from their parents, inducing frustration and limiting their ability to control their emotions.

It may be difficult to control what you feel, but as the adult you can control what your house looks like. Get rid of unnecessary material items. Create a storage system with labels. Start a chore chart for your children. Maintaining a clean home can help alleviate the clutter in your mind, your heart, and in your family.

So, go and declutter your house.

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