Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect to Reconnect


I recently went on a week-long family vacation. My two children, 12 and 15, have the latest and greatest smart phones. My husband and I have personal and work email accounts signed into our phones. Technology at the fingertips, and distractions every chime. So, we committed to disconnect from technology during our trip- a vacation from distraction.


The most wonderful moments occurred!   My 15 year-old daughter held my hand as we walked along the beach and talked. My 12 year old son talked non-stop about what he has learned recently regarding dolphins, irrigation systems, and ash in Disney World.   We reminisced about family vacations from prior years, shared funny memories from our past, and teased each other about missteps along the way.


The scenery was breathtaking. The adventures were bucket list worthy. But disconnecting to reconnect with my children was priceless.


Those bold steps don’t have to be saved for a vacation. Your children need you, especially during a divorce. You need them. Disconnect and talk, share, support, listen, have them feel heard. Connect during the hardest time so your relationship will be stronger when you all get through it. You will look back on it and appreciate all that disconnecting did to reconnect you and your children.


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