Have You Said Thank You?

By Brenda L. Storey, Esq.

Parenting, as rewarding as it is, is hard.   Being a single parent is even harder.   Being a single parent following divorce has its own level of challenges.   Yet, those parents do not tend to get the much deserved “thank you” for all of their hard work, time commitment, lack of sleep, worry, and missed work for sick kids.

While it is always difficult post-legal filing to compliment the other parent, as such is more earned than any other time.

In addition to such a compliment being well deserved, I have to imagine that such a kind gesture would go a long ways in mending fences.  After all, even after the children have emancipated, the parents are always tied together by their children.   There will be graduations, weddings, births of grandchildren, birthday parties, all requiring presence of, if not interaction from, both.   How much better those would be if, along the way, a thank you was exchanged.

I am pretty private about my personal life.   However, I will tell anyone, even if you do not ask, that I have amazing children.   They are emotionally healthy, successful in school, funny, bright, and a delight.   While I thank God for doing most of the work to get them there, and give the kids a lot of credit for their own hard work and good choices, I do think I should get a bit of kudos. Their dad and I divorced nine years ago, when my son was in first grade and my daughter in fourth.  They have been in my primary care ever since, with my daughter a junior in college and my son a high school senior.   While I have never received a thank you from their father for how amazing they have turned out, the kids, themselves, are gratification enough.   Yet, that thank you would go so very far.   So, as you read this, be the better person…thank the other parent of your children for all he/she has done.   Be that good.

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