I have a case in Jefferson County, do I need a lawyer from there as well?

Question to the Attorney: Ms. Storey

Question to the Attorney: Ms. Storey

The Question: 

I  have a case in Jefferson County, do I need a lawyer from there as well?

The Answer:

The simple answer to the question is no, you do not need a lawyer from the Golden area just because your case is pending there.  Most Denver-metro area jurisdictions are used to having practitioners appear in front of them that office throughout the metro area (Jefferson County, Broomfield County, Adams County, Denver County, Arapahoe County, and Douglas County).    Likewise, most family law practitioners appear regularly in those different districts.

Often, clients are worried that the “local attorney” will be better received by their local court given familiarity.   In all candor, this can be accurate in some jurisdictions outside the Denver-metro area.  We refer to it as being “home-towned.”  It is always good, when interviewing a potential attorney for representation, to inquire about whether such has been experienced in the jurisdiction where your case will be pending, and how often the attorney has appeared in that court.  However, this really does not happen within the Denver-metro area.  There just are too many practitioners practicing throughout the metro area.

You definitely will not have this problem in Jefferson County.  The judges there are some of the most professional and respectful in the state, and are so cognizant of courtroom decorum.  They have what is called a mixed docket, so that the judges hear civil, criminal and domestic cases, rather than just being assigned to cases in one specific area of law.  This mixed docket also means that the judges are exposed to even more lawyers from all different areas of law, and from differing locations, so that there is no “home-towning.”   I do think you will be pleasantly surprised by whatever judicial officer is assigned to your case.   JeffCo is one of my favorite jurisdictions for appearing on behalf of clients.

So, with a case in Jefferson County, the key is not the location of where your lawyer offices, but whether the lawyer is a good one who is well respected.  Personal referrals are wonderful, as you hear first-hand from a client as to relevant, direct experiences.  There are also some very reputable webpages that can be an invaluable resource in selecting a lawyer, such as AVVO, Best Lawyers, and Martindale- Hubbell. www.avvo.com;   www.bestlawyers.com;  hwww.martindale.com/Find-Lawyers-and-Law-Firms.aspx  However, the initial consultation is the most important step in retaining a lawyer.  It gives you an opportunity to get a first-hand feel for if you and the attorney are compatible and for you to have your initial questions answered.

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