Opening Up to Your Possibilities and Honoring Your Limitations

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Today’s blog is from Natalie Gentry, owner of  Holistic Healing Space, LLC.

On Letting Go…

I looooove fridge magnets! I have a lot. Not only do they make me smile, they offer me gentle reminders of things I want to be mindful about or inspired by. I bought this particular magnet four or five years ago to help me avoid the energetic/emotional road rash I get when I hold onto things, people, situations, beliefs, or perceived goals too long. It also makes me giggle! (I smell a mic drop…)

So, I let go of a couple opportunities I had been very excited about over the last week. First, I let go of teaching weekly movement classes (and y’all know how much I love to dance!), and then I let go of working at Apothecary Tincutra, one of my favorite places to be in Denver. While both of these opportunities were so exciting to me, I began to get increasingly clear about what would serve my highest purpose. I realized that each of these opportunities, though wonderful, were not fitting as well into my purpose as I had hoped they would.

My process of letting go looked something like this: 1. Denial that I had to make a change. 2. Panic because I wanted to find a way to force them fit ’cause, you know, I had a vision. 3. Sadness because I loved both opportunities. I was going to miss participating in them and I was going to miss the people involved. 4. The opening: I saw an opening for the possibility that there could be better ways to connect with dance and Apothecary Tinctura that would be a better fit for me. 5. Let go and breathe ‘Nuff said. So I let go, trusted, and continue to trust that both opportunities will show back up in my life in ways that feel more synergistic.

Sometimes we have to be willing to let go of things we think we want in order to open up the possibility of something greater or a better fit to come in. When I try to control things I can actually feel my own fear and I can even feel my body contract. And things don’t go well when I’m living from that space. Not at all. It is when I can remember to breathe and to live from a space of openness and curiosity that things get fun and exciting! The times when the best things in life that have happened to me have been when I let things unfold naturally and when I haven’t been pushing.

I invite you to play with opening up to your possibilities and to honoring your limitations. ‘Cause, frankly, energetic/emotional road rash sucks!

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