Question to the Attorney – Court when only one party shows up

Question to the Attorney: Ms. Storey

Question to the Attorney: Ms. Storey

Ms. Storey was asked:

If I’m the only one to show up for my Divorce hearing , will the Judge grant my Divorce ? With no attorney ?


Ms. Storey’s Answer:

If the hearing was properly noticed, meaning there is proof that both parties knew of the date and time, and your wife does not appear, the Court will likely still proceed.  The court may try calling her from the bench, to ascertain if she knew of the date and time and plans on attending.  If the Court concludes that she was noticed, but is not appearing, the Court will proceed with the hearing, taking your testimony, accepting the financial affidavits into evidence, and ultimately issuing permanent orders and a decree.  Best of luck to you.


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