Question to the Attorney : Taking the child out of state

Ms. Storey responded to this question on Avvo:

Ex wife left the state with our child without my ok. Court documents state she needs my ok and the courts ok to leave the state.


Ms. Storey’s Answer:

Unfortunately, court orders are not self-enforcing. You need to bring this violation to the attention of the Court. Even then, the Court does not pursue the issue – you need to do so. You need to file a Motion, and ask for the immediate return of your child. You likely have lost parenting time as a result of her leaving the state with the child, as well. Luckily. Colorado has a statute specifically aimed at redress, 14-10-129.5. By also filing a Motion for relief per that statute, you can receive court ordered make up parenting time and other possible relief. Good luck to you!

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