Questions to the Attorney – Introduction and Question # 1

Each week, the law firm receives questions from clients and potential clients. Questions to the Attorney will feature one of these  question each week that is sent to the law firm. We are hoping that by reading the answers to other people’s questions, we may be able to help you some with your case.


This weeks question is:

My husband has asked for a divorce, I don’t believe in them and think we could work it out, can I ask for marriage counseling?

No papers have been filed yet, But he has not spoken to me in 2 mo. But was still coming home and sleeping in the same bed, as of now he is staying at his sister’s house while they are on vacation.I believe we could work things out if he would communicate

Brenda’s Answer:

Divorce is very difficult. I have found that court-ordered therapy, be it marriage counseling or otherwise, only helps if the participant(s) actually want the help. If your husband does not want to attend, then the effort to compel him to him via court-order probably will not yield the results you desire. I am sorry that my answer could not be better. I do think that individual therapy can be a wonderful resource and support to help you through the process, especially as you are so opposed to divorce. This system is legal, which seems misplaced when it is such a personal loss.

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