Smart Phone Apps for Divorce

  1. Kidganizer –  Currently on IPhone and coming soon to Android, this App  allows you to not only keep a shared calendar for each of  your children, but it also allows you to track cost, scan and upload receipts, create tabs where nanny’s, grandparents, and care givers can make and receive updates on the child, and also has an alert system to remind you of the most important events and appointments that are coming up with that child.


  1. Divorce Log- This is a calendar based system that allows you to compartmentalize all of the information that is being thrown at you in one place. You can store documents, e-mails, text messages, payments, payment dates, expenses, and much more. Each is in an easy to access folders so you can deal with just the subject at hand.


  1. Parenting Apart – This app is full of expert information, searchable by questions,  on your new role as a divorce parent.  If you are wondering how to tell your kids about the divorce, how to handle some of the drama that is result of the divorce, or even if your child is exhibiting normal behavior, this app provides a great starting place.


  1. ISleep Easy – This app helps you relax and sleep deeply. Through mediation techniques, music, or nature sounds, ISleep allows you to customize a playlist that will help you find a peaceful place to end your day.


  1. Voodoo My Ex – This app allows you to upload a picture of anyone and take out some of that aggression in a healthy and silly way. The picture is changed into a voodoo doll that you can name. You are then able to attack the doll with whipped cream, eggs, paint splats, and more. Allows you to vent but also to laugh.


  1. Don’t Dial – This app allows you to block out a phone number for 24 hours so the number is unable to be texted or called. You also are able to “lock” a number so that before you text or call the designated number, a password will have to be entered. It will help you stop and think before calling or texting about what you are sending and why you are calling.


  1. KillSwitch – This app will delete anything on Facebook that your ex is tagged in (photos, post, etc.) allowing you to have a new start.  Not ready to delete those apps or defriend your ex. Try Eternal Sunshine. It will hide all post by your ex, about your ex, or where your ex is tagged from showing up in your feed.


  1. FutureMe – Send yourself messages, memories, stories, and photos. Create your own time capsule that is locked with a password. It allows you to vent those feelings you can’t tell to anyone else. It also allows you to look back on what you were thinking and how far you have come.


  1. Mint – Mint organizes and categorizes all your spending and helps you to create a budget. By tracking every dime, you are able to make money decisions for your new life that are smart and make you feel confident as you move forward.


  1. Gratitude Journal –  This app allows you to write down each day something you are grateful for – reminding you there are still some good things in your life…even when they may be hard to find.

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