Questions to the Attorney – #3 – Health Insurance after divorce

The Attorney was asked:
Hello – What is the difference between divorce and legal separation in regard to medical Insurance. Can the separated spouse remain a dependent on the others medical insurance. I have never found a satisfactory answer to this and don’t know if it’s a blanket yes or no, or specific to the Insurance companies policy manual. Would you have to legally battle the Insurance company I wonder? Thanks

Ms. Storey’s Answer:

Some insurance companies recognize legal separation as separate and distinct from a divorce, so as to allow the non-employee spouse to remain on the employee spouse’s health insurance post-legal separation decree.  This is one of the most popular reasons that parties pursue a legal separation rather than a divorce.    It is the insurance company’s terms that control.  So, it is not a blanket yes or no, and there is no legal battle with the insurance company.

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