The Difference

By Brenda L. Storey, Esq.

I recently attended a Continuing Legal Education class about Family Law Through the Developmental Lens.   It resonated with me for several reasons, one of which surprised me.  It highlighted for me why our firm differs from other family law practitioners.

The seminar pointed out that part of the job of a lawyer in an allocation of parental responsibilities action is to be the caregiver of caregivers.  This is where our firm thrives.   We are a team with the clients, preparing them for each step of the process.   As part of this, we offer suggested reading materials, calls and in-person meetings in advance of any event, regular and frequent updates about the case, and constant guidance and advice.

Beyond the updating and preparation, we get in tune with the client.  Sometimes, that suggests that the client needs to pursue therapy in order to get to his or her best emotional and mental health.   Other times, a flower delivery seems needed.  Bluntly, there are times that the client needs a “come to Jesus” talk.   The end result of any of these paths, though, is that the client is better, their case is positioned for a good outcome, and the children benefit as well.

One of the most stressful parts of a case involving disputed allocation of parental responsibilities is the investigation of a Child and Family Investigator or evaluation of a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator.   Our firm basically holds the client’s hand throughout this process.   We prepare the client for what to expect from the specific investigator or evaluator, and support them at each step.   When the Report is issued, each time I am able to say to the client “Thank you for trusting me.”

And trust is really the key to a successful client-attorney relationship.  This could be the most important phase of any client’s life, and the present and future success of their children are at stake.   Our firm earns the clients’ trust by truly partnering with them and guiding them successfully.

If you read the reviews that are posted about us, you will see this theme throughout.  Clients see us as a team, working side-by-side with them, to get them to achieve their goals.   This is us caring for the caregivers.  And we do care for them.   We want them to be successful in their cases.   We want them to be successful for their children after we leave their lives.   We want their children to be successful despite the breakup of their parents.   We care.   That is what makes us different from other firms.

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  • Debby Cook Cuccio   May 9, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    You really do make all the difference Brenda, keep up the good work!


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