The F- Word


Yes, I am writing about THE F-Word. When in our society did common use of this word become acceptable? At the opening day of the Rockies, a man seated in the row in front of my family used the word in almost every sentence he spoke, and as an adjective, adverb, verb and noun. It was beyond offensive, and he gave it no thought at all. Just listening to him, he came off as just plain ignorant, or as my children suspected, drunk and ignorant. Not sure why he would choose that persona.

Similarly, a person in a car seems to have no problem at all flipping off a total stranger, while muttering “F-You.” A stranger should not evoke such a strong emotional response. Yet, now, the gesture and phrase are used without a second thought. Society seems to be reaching all time rude and crude lows.

Of greatest concern, more and more I see it used in correspondence between parents going through a divorce. These two people who loved each other enough to marry and have children, have sunk to the lowest of lows in telling each other to F-off, or FU. It is abhorrent to speak in such a way, especially to the other parent of your child. Any judge who gets ahold of that kind of correspondence is going to view the parent negatively, to say the least. And what kind of a role model is that for the children? Will it be any surprise when the children use that word freely, probably using it directed squarely at mom or dad? And those same children will use it freely at ballfields, aimed at a stranger while frustrated in a car, to his/her spouse, and one day around his/her children. Parents are role models for their children, and I still believe they need to be positive role models. That starts with how parents treat each other and speak to each other.

So, challenge yourself to not use the F-Word, and expect those around you to abstain as well. Notice how much more positive you feel! Notice how those around you easily rise as well.

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