Timing for Divorce

Timing of Divorce



In a recent episode of “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” the main character, a writer, penned an article Why Aren’t You Divorced Yet?   It prompted me to think through all the potential clients with whom I have met over my twenty plus years as a divorce lawyer.   Not one of them was alike. Their marriages, their circumstances, their breaking points were all different.   Some even reconciled, and did not go forward with a divorce.   They each had unique life paths that brought them to my office and, as a result, the timing was directly tied to only their journey.


What some people might find as a dysfunctional marriage, others may embrace as their normal.   What some may perceive as the perfect relationship, others may find lacking in areas incredibility important to them.   What leads people to decide to divorce, or not, is similarly in the eye of the beholder. So to is the timing of that decision. It is true that sometimes one of the parties makes the decision for the couple, but just as often the two parties make the decision albeit at different times. There is no right time. There is no wrong time.   The time is when the time comes. That time might not come. It might.


The decision is a very personal one. It should not be made because of a bold article, or by the influence of an edgy t.v. show, or by the lure of the glamorous green grass on the other side.     It should be made with much thought, introspection, and consideration, and with no timetable.


One questions I have been asked often over the course of my career is by potential new clients seeking my advice of “Do you think I should get a divorce now?”   Although the people posing the question have differed, my answer to that query has not. I always assure that I cannot make that decision for them. Only they can. It is their life. It is their marriage. It is their family. It is their decision. It is their timing.


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