What is a Paralegal?


By Emily Ploch


What is a Paralegal?


Paralegals assist the attorneys with various legal work. While attorneys appear in court on your behalf and give legal advice, paralegals work “behind the scenes.” They work under the direct supervision and instruction of an attorney. Paralegals are trained and usually have completed a certificate or degree program. Here is what you can expect from the paralegals at The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C.:


  • Paralegals are great listeners
  • Paralegals cannot give legal advice
  • Paralegals can inform you of updates on your case, deadlines, and other details
  • Paralegals manage the attorney’s calendar
  • Paralegals make sure deadlines are met
  • Paralegals will assist you in preparing your financial disclosures
  • Paralegals communicate with the court


How Can a Client Best Use a Paralegal?


Paralegals bill at a lower hourly rate than attorneys so they are a great resource when you need basic information or need to provide an update or documents to your attorney. If you are just beginning a legal action, it can seem very daunting. Paralegals will be able to explain the general timeline and procedures of the case. One of the most time consuming aspects of a domestic relations action is financial disclosures. Paralegals will give you guidance and meet with you in person to review your financial documents. Feel free to call or email us at any time during business hours. We are here to help.

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