Where Does the Time Go?

By Brenda L. Storey, Esq.

My oldest child is entering her senior year of high school this Fall.   It is an exciting time, while also filled with trepidation.   She has many hopes, dreams, plans and aspirations.   Her mother is getting sentimental.

It all goes by too fast.  People say it all the time, and it is an incredibly accurate statement.   In a blink of an eye they go from new born, to walking, to kindergarten, to sports, to dances, to driving, to dating, to graduating, to leaving.

We, as parents, hope we have done enough, prepared them enough, loved them enough.  Have we nurtured their independence?   Have we given them every opportunity we could?   Did they feel our love and support?  Did we hug them as much as they needed?   As much as we needed?

I am going to take this last year with her at home and really focus on those questions and more.  My goal is to answer each with no regrets.   I anticipate she will tire of the hugs sooner than I will be ready to accept. I look forward to seeing.

The goal is to give kids roots and wings.   I’m struggling with the wings part but know it will be a good thing.

Change is hard.   Life is exciting.  Kids make it all worth while.

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