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The end of a relationship, whether a marriage or a civil union, is tough. The legal issues that can correspond with that break up can be overwhelming. During that time, you need compassionate, experienced, quality representation to assist you in navigating the Colorado family law system, while helping you to protect your children, your finances, and yourself.

Quality Representation Makes a Difference

Whether your divorce case involves child custody resolution, complex financial litigation, dissolution of a marriage or civil union in Colorado, paternity or common law marriage claims, post-decree modification and/or enforcement, success starts with quality representation. The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C., provide that quality. Your success starts here.

The quality we offer makes the difference. Our Colorado law firm provides individualized attention to each client, making sure we understand your family and your goals. The high level of preparedness at every stage is second to none, and has proven the key to our clients’ successes in settlement as well as in trial litigation. The firm’s level of experience and expertise, in and out of the courtroom, within this specialized area of law allows us to very bluntly and directly assess your position, while strategizing a plan to help you to achieve the results you want and need for your future.

Serving Clients with a Diverse Background

Our firm proudly represents men and women, same-sex and opposite-sex partners, mothers and fathers and grandparents, and we serve them in districts across the state of Colorado.

Please contact our Denver, Colorado family law lawyer to set up an initial consultation so we may discuss your family law issues, rights and options. Call (720) 583-2325 or email us.

Divorce Guides

The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C. would like to help you gain more knowledge about the divorce process by offering our complimentary Divorce Guides.

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