Why Should You Hire The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C.?

By Danielle C. Davis, Esq.

If you are facing a fight in court regarding a family law matter, the first step in hiring an attorney to represent you is an initial consultation. During this consultation, you and your potential lawyer will discuss the facts of your case, the law that might impact its outcome, and the procedural process that lies ahead. However, the most important question, the one that can significantly change both your experience with the court and the outcome of your case, might never be asked at all: “Why should you hire that firm, or that lawyer, and not any other firm in the Denver area?”

Today, I want to answer that question. Why should you hire The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C.?
We take pride in knowing every detail of your case. One of the biggest differences between other firms and The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C. is our attention to detail. We prioritize quality representation over the quantity of our cases, and we take the time to read every document associated with your file, from pleadings and financial documents to correspondence and discovery. We also know your name. And your children’s names. And how old they are. The quality of representation that you receive will be directly related to how well your attorney knows you and your case. That’s why we learn everything that we can and use that knowledge to bring your case to a positive resolution.

We are strong advocates, but we’re professional and kind too. When I first started practicing law, perhaps one of the most startling observations that I made was the amount of unprofessional discourse between lawyers. They were unnecessarily combative, angry, and rude. I knew immediately that I did not want to be that kind of lawyer. I can be assertive for my clients, and fight zealously for their case, without relying on spite or sarcasm. And this is the persona of our entire firm. We conduct our business with respect. For both our clients and for our peers in the legal community.

We are more than just your attorneys, we are your counsellors. A family law case involves much more than just the law. It involves people. People struggling with a challenge that may be more than they can handle alone. That’s why we provide counsel on more than just the law. We care about you and your family, and we want you to succeed, both at court and at home. We encourage our clients to communicate with us frequently, and we discuss all matters impacting their lives, whether it’s a dispute about parenting time or a congratulations on being accepted to college. We know that just because you have a case at court, the rest of your life doesn’t stop, and we want to help you keep living that life. We want to celebrate your successes and help you find your way through the challenges. To us, you and your case are more than just a number. You are a person who we hope to help whenever you need us.

We are passionate about our work. Prior to working at The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C., my practice focused on the areas of employment and civil rights litigation. However, even then, I felt drawn to family law. I was inspired to help advocate for clients whose outcomes would not simply result in a money judgment, but rather more parenting time with their children, the ability to move on from a marriage that no longer worked, and to truly change their lives. I knew that helping clients through the daunting process of litigation to a new chapter of their lives would be rewarding in a way that I had yet to experience in my legal career. And, it is rewarding.

If you are considering hiring a firm to represent you in your family law matter, I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story, and that’s why you should hire The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C.

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