By: Brenda L. Storey, Esq.

With the holidays square upon us, it is a time of reflection for me.   I take inventory.   I assess.   And I routinely find myself so thankful.    As part of that, I am thankful for the clients who I have had the honor to represent.   Clients have so many choices, and the fact that they elect to retain this firm is a privilege we do not take for granted.   We offer quality representation, but our clients, themselves, are quality people.   We are blessed to attract clients who put their children first, and who are honest and respectful.

These very clients are why I enjoy my career so much.   People often ask if it is hard to do what I do.   I love what I do, and the main reason is the clients.   I am blessed to work as a team with clients who seek to advance their children’s best interests, change what they need to within themselves for the best chance at personal success, and seek realistic and fair resolution.   To achieve desired results, our clients have to have trust, and I am so thankful that our clients do just that.   This is not an easy process.   We work in a flawed system.   However, each journey I take with clients is so gratifying, especially to see them grow, heal, and move on so successfully.

I am also thankful for my staff.   I could not do what I do without each of them.   My paralegal, Ms. Emily Ploch, is truly my right hand.   She pays such great attention to detail, must juggle all that is thrown at her, and is the behind the scenes master of deadlines, disclosures, discovery and trial preparation.   Pamela Osse, the office manager, is the friendly voice on the phone, the face of the firm, and keeps us up and running with supplies, computer problems, accounting, bookkeeping, billing, and organization.   She is the one who deals with crises—be it technical or otherwise – and she does it with class.   Jamie Leaver Sawyer, Esq., our associate, is a rising star.  She has taken naturally to the practice of family law, its challenges and its delights.   She relates so well to clients and has a great courtroom presence.   She is definitely a positive addition to the firm.   What Ms. Ploch, Ms. Osse and Ms. Sawyer all have in common is their kindness, compassion, desire to excel, and joint mantra with me that it is our clients who come first.   I am blessed to have them as my team.

I am thankful, and I hope each client and each member of the team knows that I am thankful for them.

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