Thoughts of Thanks

By: Brenda L. Storey, Esq.

I want to take this opportunity to write a “Thank You” note to all of our clients, who really mean the world to us.  We have been blessed, over the course of 22 years, to have crossed paths with so many wonderful people who unfortunately needed legal representation.  There are many options for those going through such a difficult time, and we have been honored to be selected to be a team with each and every one of our clients.   This area of law, probably like no other, provides an opportunity for the lawyers to really get to know their client.  We see some when they are at their very lowest, and the journey is a very close one.   With each, the facts and feelings are unique, and the stakes so incredibility important.   We thank each client for the privilege of helping them, and entrusting their case to us.   We also appreciate that they stay in touch with us– sharing the better times, such as Christmas cards, new baby announcements, and pictures of their child’s graduation from high school.   We do this for the people we represent.   We enjoy helping, guiding, finding closure and resolution.  We enjoy the human beings who touch our lives.  Thank you for allowing us all this.


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